Realtors Community Fund

We are so proud of Jodi Smith and our colleagues Bryant Mitchell and Jamecia Adams on the genesis of the Realtors Community Fund. Their vision to support affordable housing and make home ownership a reality for lower income individuals has turned into an incredible partnership with ICCF. Already established to provide financial coaching, down payment assistance, and construction services, ICCF has helped create the Realtors Community Fund. 100% of the money donated will be used as down payments for low income individuals. The goal is to provide 26 families with $9,000 this year! This is generationally life changing and we are excited to be part of supporting home ownership in our West Michigan community this way!
The Realtors Community Fund is founded on the following principles:

1. Realtors can help expand opportunities to build equitable wealth through homeownership in the communities we serve if we work together.

2. Realtors want to help buyers that need extra support to become homeowners.

3. Homeownership assistance should be fair and just.

4. We want to build upon the work of those in our community who have experience helping people with barriers to homeownership.