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Why Hire Us

GR Home Team has been a dominant team in the West Michigan marketplace since founded in 2012 by 2 top area agents, Erin Fester and Jodi Smith. Recognized for extreme professionalism, sound pricing, extensive marketing and networking, and unwavering ethics, GR Home Team is consistently a top agent team in terms of sales volume and professional awards.

Each seller has unique goals and needs. Our small team enables you will work directly with your expert agent - not inexperienced team members. We customize solutions to address all your needs and goals in the process. Our marketing package and transaction strategies are unbeatable and results in higher net proceeds to our sellers than if they worked with an average agent. We are happy to share all our tactics with you in our initial meeting.

Don’t hire a Realtor based on the price they tell you your home is worth or for their commission rate. These can be manipulated to “win” your business and not be the best advice for you to make decisions from. Choose your Realtor for quality of the advice and the results they actually deliver. Check references. Ensure your Realtor understands the current market conditions and has successfully sold enough recent transactions to make them an expert for you. Make sure they are easy to reach and effective communicators, with you, with other Realtors, and with vendors in the process. And #1, make sure they listen to you and your needs and value the partnership with you.

Confidential No Obligation Consultation

Are you thinking about selling your home? Making plans for the future and need a place to start? An initial conversation with us often happens months or years before you are ready to list your home for sale. We will take time to get to know your needs and hopes. We will walk through your home and advise you on preparations to make your home most appealing to buyers while balancing your time, effort, money, and the return on those efforts. GR Home Team will help you understand current market conditions including opportunities and constraints. We will provide the current market value of your home and walk you through all selling fees. Most importantly, you will gain an honest, objective, experienced advocate and partner to help you achieve your stated goals.


Unsure of what to expect from inspections? GR Home Team has helped both buyers and sellers navigate hundreds of inspections. Understanding what is important to our clients offers peace of mind and confidence to buyers and avoids unnecessary costs for sellers.

Listing Documents

Selling your house can be stressful and we diligently work to keep this to a minimum. We aim to gather the house information up front prior to listing so you don't have to scramble at the last minute to find information and items the buyer may ask for or encounter unexpected costly surprise along the way.

Need to Sell AND Buy?

Looking for your next home while selling your current home can be filled with stress and unnecessary problems or can be managed smoothly and expertly. The multitude of moving parts, intertwined negotiations, and number of involved parties requires the critical skills of an experienced agent in both the selling and buyer side of transactions. GR Home Team has 50+ years navigating the market and details for both buyers and sellers in West Michigan, making sure all the moving parts work harmoniously to meet your goals with the least amount of stress.

Preparing your home for top dollar!

Do you have to stage your home to sell for top dollar? Did you know we offer staging and light staging services. What makes the most impact to lower your time, energy, and stress but get highest return? We provide a personal walkthrough to answer all these questions.

All the Moving Details

Leave the details to us! We can provide you with donation sites, trash hauling services, and tips on making your move as smooth as possible.