Resources for Home Sellers

Our Cooperation Plus Negotiation Strategy Are Keys To A Property Getting SOLD!

Today’s Real Estate Market Requires a Balance Between Fierce Negotiation and a CAN-DO Team Player Attitude.

  • Encourage all interested buyers to write an offer!
  • Maintain dialogue with agents (without compromising your position as a seller.)
  • We are proactive to the following areas of concern:
    • Buyer’s ability to buy
    • Buyer’s ‘true’ interest in your home or just looking for a steal
    • Buyer’s and agent’s personality and how it may affect the transaction and outcome
    • Lender’s reputation
    • Inspector’s reputation
    • Appraisal
  • Strong negotiators (for repair addendums.)
  • Problem solvers to handle financial conditions (such as required repairs, appraisal and/or title conditions.)
  • Our reputations with fellow agents, inspectors and appraisers are that we are fair, honest and pro-active!

We are your advocates!

Closing a sale in today’s market is a group effort. No one person can carry the load and all parties are essential to the success of the closing. If any one party doesn’t perform, the whole sale is jeopardized. Choose a good team of professionals that demonstrate experience, the ability to foresee and manage obstacles, and have a proven track record in our local market.

Superior GR Home Team Service has Proven Results!

  • Guidance with staging key areas of property.
  • Recommendations to contractors for repair work (carpet, paint, etc.)
  • Superior Photographs–ONLY great photos that tell a compelling story!
  • Extensive Internet exposure – over 700 websites, including:
  • Accurate and complete property information. We get answers for what buyers want to know.
  • Top-notch marketing materials and showing book–All the information needed for buyer and their agent.
  • Networking within the real estate community about your property.
  • Target Marketing–Your property is UNIQUE! Facebook, Craigslist Ads, and Open Houses as appropriate.
  • Constructive Feedback on all showings within 48 hours.
  • Follow-up on all HOT buyers and buyer agents to encourage another showing or offer and to let them know about price adjustments, other offers, improvements, or overcome objections on the property.
  • Seasonally Current (Photos and Revisions to keep your listing fresh.)