Resources for Home Buyers

Finding A New Home

GR Home Team will discuss your particular criteria for a house and neighborhood, and then search for properties that fit those specifications. GR Home Team will set appointments for showings and monitor the market as new listings become available.

Watch this 3 minute tutorial to see how to utilize portals that GR Home Team will create for you: Portal Tutorial 


When a purchase offer is made, the sellers may be concerned with certain aspects including the ability of the purchasers to fulfill their agreement, the terms and conditions of the offer, the breakdown of closing costs between buyer and seller and even the motivations and lifestyle of the prospective new owners! GR Home Team will help structure a negotiating strategy that will create the desired result, a new home.

Handling Details

A lot has to happen between signing the purchase offer and moving into a new house. GR Home Team will attend to the details and keep you in touch with the transaction each step of the way.

Market Data

Market value is determined by many factors, including the availability of similar properties at competitive prices, location, condition, and most of all the price that a knowledgeable buyer is willing to pay. GR Home Team will provide market data to help you establish an offering price.

Purchase Offer

There may be other considerations besides price that are equally important in structuring a purchase offer. The terms and conditions of the offer, amount of deposit and possession date are likely to be factors when an offer is made. GR Home Team will help in your preparation of a purchase offer and ensure you understand all components of that offer.


In the Grand Rapids area it is typical that the seller compensates the buyer’s agent for bringing a buyer to their home. Aside from a $349 transaction fee, you will likely not pay anything more for the service of a personal buyer representative.

Sellers list their homes with real estate agents to ensure professional representation throughout the home selling process. As a buyer, you deserve the same kind of service!